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Episode 68 - The Man That Can - Lachie Stuart

Episode 68 - The Man That Can - Lachie Stuart

September 16, 2019

This week on the WarriorU Podcast Bram Connolly talks to Lachlan Stuart. The man that can. Where to start with Lachie – he’d hate me to call him a life coach, and yet he’s instrumental in so many people making positive changes in their lives from his guidance. He’s been a legit A grade athlete, playing Rugby in France and then turned to drugs in a bid to escape depression before having a life changing moment, being called out for the life track he was on – a forced epiphany, I suppose you’d call it and now he’s sorted himself out. He had to find vulnerability to he is once again a formidable athlete and a top level performance coach. His journey is inspiring, and his podcast and Instagram are motivating countless people. At WarriorU we want you to see yourself as the mission and Lachie is a guy that helps people do just that.

Episode 67 - The Motion Mechanic - Trang Nguyen

Episode 67 - The Motion Mechanic - Trang Nguyen

September 8, 2019

This week, Bram Connolly talks to Trang Ngyun who is also known as The Motion Mechanic. They discuss physiotherapy, Trang's specialisation, and how it directly relates to The WarriorU focus on human optimisation. 

Trang’s primary goal for others is high-level athletic development through training and injury management and she utilises her unique skillsets to focus on advanced mindset coaching for the development of both high-achieving athletes and high-achieving human beings. As a triathlete and former soldier, Bram is also in the perfect position to comment on the benefits of physiotherapy and how to apply its lessons to his own fitness journey.


16:06 to 16:20 

"At the end of the day, one of the other principles of training is also individuality. So different individuals, different athletes, actually respond better to different forms of training or different types of training."

19:14 to 19:36 

"Using oxygen is the most efficient system because it is a system that lasts the longest. If you want to be out there for a 12 hour Iron Man or even four hour marathon, even a half marathon, that might be more like two hours, you want to be able to use your aerobic system efficiently."

22:31 to 22:49 

"Whether it's your running, your cycling, your swimming, or even in the gym, if you're going too hard every single session, then in the short term you're impeding on subsequent sessions later in that week because you've gone too hard so your body is a little bit fatigued, it still in recovery mode and then that will impede on your other sessions of the week."

 37:09 to 37:27  

"If someone's getting injured a lot, then take a look at their sleep because when you're sleeping is when your growth hormone is produced and when its released and that's when your recovery and adaptation occurs. So if you've had a hard gym session, then that night is when your muscles are getting repaired and they're actually adapting to get bigger, get stronger."

53:59 to 54:11 

"Your muscles might be really strong to do days and weeks of cycling but if your tendons can't keep up, then that's also going to be a recipe for potential injuries."


04:44 The Motion Mechanic: What is Specificity?

14:42 Fitness and technique: Staying efficient  

19:15 Using oxygen as a fuel source for strength and conditioning

30:14 Calculating work load and tracking sleep

41:18 Common myths debunked





Episode 66 - Entrepreneur - Phil Hayes-St Clair

Episode 66 - Entrepreneur - Phil Hayes-St Clair

September 1, 2019

This week Bram talks to serial entrepreneur Phil Hayes-St Clair, CEO & Co-Founder at Drop Bio, a platform that uses systems biology, machine learning, and predictive information from finger-prick blood to better manage health and reduce disease risk. Bram and Phil have been influential in each others' careers, especially with Phil's initiative called Be in Motion. The project lets people send unexpected encouragement to others who have it tough, and also those who are doing great work. Bram is one of Be in Motion's ambassadors.

Together they discuss the many different facets of entrepreneurship, including childhood experiences that molded their mindsets to modernizing concepts taught at business schools to navigating around the gig economy of today. The pair also tackle practical issues that affect entrepreneurs in both positive and negative ways, such as inspiration, mentorship, and scaling businesses.


15:08 to 15:20

"I just figure, mate, that we're on the planet for a really, really small amount of time. Like if you look in the context of history, we're here for like a nanosecond. And the question is, how are you going to look back on your last breath?"

 19:19 to 19:31 

"It doesn't matter what industry you're in or what your hobbies are, the people that you want to probably surround yourself with are the people that just have a penchant to learn really quickly on whatever their subject matter is--and you want to rest on those people so they can teach you stuff too."

21:19 to 21:37 

"I prefer to think about people who are entrepreneurs, as it were, as founders of businesses and founders of movements. They're the epicenter of where startups start and anyone can be that because the tool set that you need to make that work is, for the most part, free or the marginal cost is zero. And it's just up to you to want to make it happen."

35:22 to 35:50 

"The people who have decided that they are going to use their entrepreneurship programs or their two years or sixteen months or year at business school out of the workforce to build a venture that could end up creating massive value across the board but not for another ten years, they have to put zero in that post MBA box. And as a consequence, that zero ends up saying, well, that school is not producing the right style of person."

40:34 to 40:51 

"Don't spend much to understand it. People spend money to create a solution. You don't have to spend money to learn about problem. The second thing is this, just become an absolute ninja at trying to work out where the incentives lie. As soon as you know that, that's what the predictor of behavior is. And once you've got that, that makes things a whole lot easier."



06:22 The end of military service and foraying into entrepreneurship 

17:38 Entrepreneurship in the gig economy 

25:12 Inspiring people with podcasting 

34:39 Producing entrepreneurs: Schooling and mentorship 

42:06 Scaling and listening to the market

49:11 Phil's brand overviews: Drop Bio and Be in Motion



Phil's Blog

Episode 65 - Innerfight - Marcus Smith

Episode 65 - Innerfight - Marcus Smith

August 26, 2019

This week I am talking to Marcus Smith…..although, after recording this podcast I’ve decided to rename him, Marcus Motivation Smith. Marcus grew up his whole life living between Dubai and London and he’s well known around Dubai as the founder and owner of InnerFight – which is a 5 and a half thousand square foot gym in Dubai. I say Dubai but his business really does have global reach, with Marcus and the gang having recorded over 500 InnerFight podcasts and also training uncountable clients over the years on the premises and also online. We talk about all sorts of stuff - how last year he completed thirty marathons in thirty days, nine months after being in intensive care from a cycling accident. We discuss his preparation, and the power of adaption and consistency. I asked Markus about mental toughness and how to develop it and by the end of the Podcast I really did feel like the WarriorU tribe and the Innerfight community are all heading in the right direction. I honestly think this podcast will change your life if you take away a few of the key points – the main one of which is Marcus’ theory on the daily non negotiables.

I hope you love this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!

Episode 64 - Resilience - Joel Vanderzwan

Episode 64 - Resilience - Joel Vanderzwan

August 19, 2019

This week Bram Connolly talks with Joel Vanderzwan. Joel is a Royal Australian Navy Veteran. After 4 years of service Joel’s world was changed forever after a decision to accelerate his super bike over a bridge resulting in a devastating crash. Joel was critically injured in the accident. Doctors told his parents he would be lucky to make it through the night. His injuries so severe he was put in an induced coma. Joel did make it through the night; just. As a result of the crash, Joel is now a T6 Complete paraplegic. Joel’s story is about survival, painful recovery and mental resilience. Through experiencing these horrendous injuries and the pain, and through the necessity of just having no other choice, Joel has learnt much about himself and others around him. Where the general population talks about goal setting to lose some weight or goal setting to prepare for some sporting event, Joel’s experience with goal setting is much more profound. He has had to live small incremental successes to just brush his teeth by himself or to butter his toast. Joel has seen the power that consistency can have on a person’s life – if you have any doubt about the power of consistent application on your will to win and your will to transform yourself then be in no doubt that joel is living, rolling proof that consistency breeds champions.

 Warning– Joel doesn’t do anything by half measures, including describing the accident and the injuries he sustained. Listen to the podcast and then talk to your friends and your family about how one choice can impact everything and everyone forever.

Episode 63 - FEATS and socks - Taylor Offer

Episode 63 - FEATS and socks - Taylor Offer

August 11, 2019

This week Bram Connolly talks to Taylor Offer. Imagine a millennial with ADHD (they’re his words not mine). He’s what Tim Ferris would describe as the NEW RICH. But Taylor’s story isn’t one of just chancing easily into entrepreneurial success. On the contrary, and as you would probably guess, Taylor worked hard to be where he is today with failures and life lessons along the way. So many other people would have quit on this journey and settled for a 9 to 5 job. There’s a business partner too, Parker Burr, who was the driving force behind the idea of FEATS socks, the business that ensured that Taylor would line up in Forbes magazine as one of the their 30 under 30 when the business began making close to 10 Million in sales a year. On the other end of his success was a dark patch of depression. The good news is that Taylor identified the problem, disengaged from work and society and went to Thailand to escape and reconnect with the path that he should be on. Taylor and I talked about resilience, identifying products to sell, scaling, social media marketing, the creation of funnels, the way to set up an on line e-commerce business; and we also chatted about leadership. He told me he wasn’t sure about what it was and how it all worked, but then during the hour-long conversation that we shared I could tell that Taylor knew more about leadership than most senior executives that I had met over the years…he took me on a journey. So much so that I signed up for his $300 online ecommerce course. I’m not being paid to say that, he’s an inspirational guy and truly a force for good. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Episode 62 - Nooche’s Pooches - Panos

Episode 62 - Nooche’s Pooches - Panos

August 4, 2019

This week on theWarriorU Podcast Bram Connolly talks to Panos Anagnostou

Founder & Head Trainer of Nooch's Pooches his qualifications include; National Dog Trainers Federation Cert III, Statement of Attainment in Dog Training Cert IV, Dangerous Dog Handling Course and Animal Studies Cert II – but more importantly – Panos is passionate about how dogs can teach us more about ourselves. Panos received his first dog Rocky, a Kelpie, after a critical incident that left Panos with life threatening injuries and a degree of ongoing trauma. Rocky taught Panos about the human condition and how dogs might just be the answer to finding a better version of ourselves. I hope you enjoy this episode, and go and give your dog a pat.

Episode 61 - Veteran Grappling - Scott Steer

Episode 61 - Veteran Grappling - Scott Steer

July 28, 2019

This week on the WarriorU podcast Bram talks to Scott Steer, the founder of Veteran Grappling. Scott was a Special Forces Direct Recruiting Scheme member on the 2005 intake. He successfully passed the Commando Training and Selection Course and was more than half way through the reinforcement cycle when he was injured during the Amphibious Operator’s course He was posted to the 6th Battalion for his recovery and subsequently deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. He discharged in 2010 and worked in the mining sector as a safety trainer. He now works as a grappling and strength and conditioning coach for the highest level sporting teams and as you will find he is always busy. His sporting background is Judo, and he was once the Australian Judo national Champion. He is currently the Qld mens Judo coach and the Australian Futures Judo coach. Scott thought that what the veteran community needed was a grappling based form of intervention, a way of building community after the ADF, and if Scott didn’t set it up - who would? Bram and Scott talk SFDRS, Selection Course, Afghanistan, Judo and mental strength. Have a listen and if you are on the Gold Coast next week (3rd August) then drop in to the Grand Opening of Veteran Grappling.

Episode 60 - Kobes - Tiger Muay Thai

Episode 60 - Kobes - Tiger Muay Thai

July 21, 2019

In this episode of the WarriorU Podcast Bram talks to Shaun Kober – better known as “Kobes”. Shaun’s Army service saw him deploy not only to Iraq and timor, but also to Afghanistan where he was employed as a sniper and awarded the “Commendation for Gallantry”. Shaun is currently the head strength and conditioning coach at the world renowned MMA and Muay Thai camp, Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. Due to this highly regarded position, he has been focussed on preparing high level fighters for bouts in the UFC, Bellator, ONE championship, and other world class combat based organisations.

Bram and Shaun discuss mindset, training, resilience, nutrition and all manners of things human optimisation. Shaun is an absolute wealth of knowledge in the strength and conditioning space.

Episode 59 - The Extras - Shaun Barry

Episode 59 - The Extras - Shaun Barry

July 14, 2019

This week on the WarriorU Podcast, ex Special Forces Officer Bram Connolly talks to Shaun Barry the founder of Extra Specialists. Shaun saw a gap in the entertainment industry of suitably trained extras for roles in the military, emergency services and first responder space. So, he reached out and created a network to answer the call. As if that wasn't enough, Shaun is developing a Veteran production company to give veterans a voice and to showcase their diverse talents. Shaun's story is truely from the Frontline, to the Coalface, to the Silver-screen. He had to hit rock bottom before he could break himself free and create a life worth living.